A Truly Independent Audiologist...

Some patients and medical professionals might wonder what the difference is between our service and the high street hearcare services.

We offer the best time allocation for your appointments, use unparalleled equipment available to private practices and constantly strive to offer unrivalled hearing solutions. 

Our Services

Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Tests

Hearing Aid Advice

Tinnitus Advice

Hearing Protection

Maybe in the past you felt rushed into making a hasty decision about your choice of hearing aid. We can offer you more comprehensive tests and time to discuss your options with your loved ones.

We examine your ears using a state-of-the-art camera, provide a tone test and up to 3 speech tests to assess how you hear in quiet and noisy situations. There is no need to test your hearing in a booth (which can compromise tests for claustrophobic, anxious or dementia patients) as the NASA-endorsed equipment eliminates room noise.


Over 18 Years of Industry Experience...

After completing my PhD in biology I started my career in audiology 18 years ago with a large private hearing aid company. I retrained as a fully qualified hearing aid dispenser registered with the HCPC (HAD01696) in 2009-2011 and over the years I have worked for all major high street/national hearing aid companies in various locations around England. During this time I established several successfully led practices and trained and supervised placement students, hearcare assistants and audiology clinical coordinators.

Later I specialised in tinnitus assessments and treatments (Levo, Acoustic CR Neuromodulation, combination devices) in Harley Street, London, Birmingham and other locations.

I decided to set up my own business in order to be able to give you more time to discuss your important ear health decisions and to provide personalised ear health services. Along with this generous time allocation I would be more than happy to use my comprehensive diagnostic skills and patient-centred approach to understand your problems and help find the right solutions for you.

I am fully trained in aural care using ear irrigation and manual ear wax removal (Aston University, 2012), and later by microsuction (accredited by British Academy of Audiology) which allow me to select the best, safest and most efficient method or their combination for ear wax removal.

Sylvia Kewish, PhD, MSc, BSc, FDSc, HAD

If you feel that you have blocked ears but no wax was found by other professionals, we would offer to examine your ears in more detail in order to assess how your eardrums are functioning.

This is a comfortable and completely pain-free assessment.


What my clients have to say...

" The Audiologist I saw was extremely professional and efficient. She took the time to explain what she was doing during the appointment. She was friendly and seemed very confident in her job. "

" It was an excellent experience. I felt that the clinician was genuinely interested in my needs and preferences... I was able to ask questions and felt relaxed and very reassured by her caring and thoughtful approach. "

" The clinician was so pleasant and helpful and now I can hear detail I didn't expect to hear again. She was genuinely interested in what I had to say and she was very helpful. "

Appointments are now available at Nadin Hurley Hair & Beauty, PE33 9SW...
(upstairs on the second floor)


Also, appointments can be scheduled at Wereham Village Hall, PE33 9AP if you require barrier-free, disabled access...

I have opened a third clinic in Swaffham, PE37 7LL. It also has barrier-free, disabled access.